Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Example 001

From the Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem / 6-10 Henry VI / 1427-1432, Boydell Press / National Archives (of the United Kingdom):

451. [p235-6] John de Grey, Knight. IPM for Derbyshire, at Derby, 24 October 1430.

Jurors: (who seem to be from within a five-mile radius of Derby)

Thomas Waterhouse of Duffield

Robert Irland of Locko

Robert Cokfeld of Chaddesden

Robert Smalley of Alvaston

Ingram Fraunces of Horsley

Richard Kays of Kilburn

John Husse of Ayton [?]

John Tomlynson of ?Thurston or ?Thurlston

John Spencer of Alvaston

Thomas Bradshawe of Chellaston

John Crewker of Twyford

John Warde of Stenson

Aha! A Warde. Checking my notes file, I see that for Stenson (which is generally considered combined with Twyford), I have records of:

1. William Warde, in a Chancery case involving a lease in Chatsworth, Derbys., ca. 1538-1544 [ref. List and Index Society vol. 51]
2. John Ward, gentleman, an administration granted/regranted 1658/1660; PCC Wills/Adm., British Record Society, vol. 75

I don't have any useful references for Twyford. Nearby towns:

1. Willington:
a. Robert de la Warda witnessed a lease ca. 1217-32. [Ref. Jeayes, J. H. "Derbyshire Charters" (1906). Item 2574.] [This is probably the Big Cheese of that name, not a native of Willington.]
b. Dom. William de Warda witnessed sale [of land], about 1302. [op. cit. Item 2587.]

2. Codnor:
John de Grey held Codnor castle and manor of the King in chief as of the honor of Peverel, as a knight's fee. I haven't tracked the history of Codnor, but Jeayes also notes, for Codnor, that in 1359, Margaret le Warde, "nativa" and daughter of John le Warde, who was son of William le Warde, was granted land rights that her grandfather William had held, in Codnor. There were several other Wards noted in the region within a few miles of this area in this period, but not yet obvious links.


I have some further notes from Jeayes, of Nicholas le Warde of Bonsall, and his wife Alice, regarding a grant of lands in 1395 (Items 312-315; Nicholas was probably dead at this time). Bonsall is 15 or 20 miles north of Stenson, a bit of a jump. There's a Bonsall history project, with a list of tenants from 1415. No Wards among them.

Jeayes' book can now be read online at Google, an amazing experience. Just this book itself can give you lots of names for Derbyshire. Just imagine.

Who were all these people?

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