Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tenants at Grand Tew, Oxfordshire, 1428 and Earlier

More from the same volume of the IPM:

71. Oxford, Oxfordshire, Johhn Wilcotes, Esquire. Writ mandamus. Inq 28 Oct 1427. Manor of Great Tew:

Free tenants at Great Tew, current at time of inquisition:

Richard Purcell

John Hilton

Emma Charley

Agnes Barton

Thomas Newbrigg

Richard Bourman

John Hosier

Formerly held at Great Tew in demesne as of fee, previous to Wilcote’s sale of manor of Great Tew (which occurred “long before his death”) to

John Colles

William Chilton

Thomas Linger

Thomas Yerman

Clement Carter

William Warde

William Stokton

William Hendy

Henry Bassh

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